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The Characters

Pepper wants only one thing in the world - to find her missing parents. Finding out her parents are not the humble school teachers they pretended to be, Pepper's adventure's to find her parents allow her to learn about who they really are and how they came to be kidnapped.

Parker is Pepper's neighbor and best friend. He doesn't care about rules and loves to goof around and make Pepper laugh. He's a true friend to Pepper and travels with her in search of her parents.

Kai is from the planet Serago. He's a protector at heart and takes his job as a guardian seriously, especially when it comes to Pepper. After Pepper challenges his loyalty to his job, he finds himself needing to make some difficult decisions.

Alli is a true Warrior. A friend of Kai's and also from the planet Serago, her mother went missing when trying to find Pepper's parents. Not afraid of anything, Alli seeks action and adventure.

Olina is an alien and Pepper's roommate at Jerica. She's kind, but socially awkward which makes her seem arrogant at times. She's super smart and likes organization, schedules and rules. She follows them to a tee until Pepper forces her to break them, and she has to deal with chaos.


Ando informs Pepper about her parents and takes her back to his planet Jerica so she can be safe. Ando knew Pepper's parents and sheds some light on why her parents were kidnapped.